I got tagged yesterday by TJ for the 7Things Meme. Of course, I was derailed by Delurking Day and the fact that I am coming down with a nasty cold that makes my throat feel like, I don’t know, something that feels very bad.

So here is Seven things about me you may or may not know (and may or may not care if you know):

1. I am petrified of seeming stupid. I was an honor student in high school, went to a college that is not easy to get into, and yet because I don’t spout off statistics and other assorted brainiac stuff all the time, I feel like people don’t realize that I’m not an idiot. I realize my reality television and fluff reading habits sorta take away from the perception of being a smart woman, but I AM. I would so much rather be perceived as smart or funny than anything based on appearance.

2. HAVING SAID THAT, that is why I don’t usually spend a ton of time getting ready in the morning. Sure, I have days where I go all out and get gussied up – spend time on the hair and makeup and really “Trying” – but fact is, I’m not really into vanity so much that I want to spend all that time trying to be beautiful. I’d rather be sleeping.

3. I almost never order something off a menu exactly as is. I have to tweak at least one thing, nearly every time. I feel like Sally from “When Harry Met Sally” every time I order something. For example, I love Caeser salads. I hate Caeser dressing. It’s not unusual for me to order a caeser salad, hold the caeser dressing, with balsamic vinaigrette on the side. (YES, I’m that obnoxious person).

4. There is no better way to get into my good graces than through music. I love when people tell me they’ve heard a song that reminds them of me, or tells me of a song I had never heard of and introduces me to something I never knew til then.

5. I wonder often if the decisions I’m making are the right ones. My mother told me the other day that I was “very decisive” and that my sister is not like me in that way. I don’t perceive myself to be decisive AT ALL. I have a very hard time making decisions. I have a very hard time weighing pros and cons and I think often I get crippled by inertia because it’s easier to not move than it is to make change. (All this despite the fact that I’m notorious for spouting: “Go big or go home!” to others).

6. I really hate where I live. I hate small towns – I hate the feel, the vibe and the lack of energy. I feel like deep inside I’m more of a city girl and I sometimes wonder if I’m going to drown in the smell of manure and the fact that this town only has one stoplight.

7. Of all the friends I was tight with three years ago, only one is still a close part of my life. I thought I would be sadder about that – or even that I SHOULD BE sadder about it, but quite honestly, I’m not. I think accepting that people change and grow apart is important and I’ve definitely learned a lot about seeing people’s true colors and showing my own.

Alrighty…. Tagging… Crap.

I hate tagging people. If you want to do it, just comment and tell me to come check you out.

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  1. I love ya, Sarah!! Check me out, baby!

  2. Sandy Toes says

    Smell of manure..oh my!
    -sandy toe

  3. I’m in….feel better!

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