Just So Y’all Know…

I spent a good chunk of time at the hospital today. My grandpa is in excellent spirits, though a little pissed off that they are depriving him of coffee still (no, he doesn’t much care that he hasn’t had real food since Tuesday, but give him that coffee quick-fast-and-in-a-hurry because he’s getting a little itchy for it). He remains in ICU this evening, for observation they say, though I have to say I have not seen so little observing done as I saw (didn’t see?) today. And throughout the day, my grandfather’s doc never once made an appearance. Though, as my best friend said, it was a pretty nice day – maybe he was out golfing.

I’ll be back up there tomorrow, and hopefully there will be progress and healing and some insight from a medical professional.

In the meantime… I’ve received a lot of support from people lately and wanted to make sure everyone knows how much I appreciate it, how much my family appreciates it. The emails, texts, voice mails, calls, offers to bring diet Coke up to my mom in the hospital (because she’s a lil’ bit addicted), the funky messages via Facebook. Without a doubt, I have such amazing, caring people in my life – and I truly feel lucky about that. It’s a nice feeling – especially since I have a tendency to mope when things get rough. I seem to have surrounded myself with awesome and caring people – and if I forget to thank any of you who have done any of those things I said, please know that it’s made a difference to me. (I’m such a mush).

And since I’ve been typing….My mom just called. The gastroenterologist finally showed up. Grandpa will be moved to another floor tomorrow. They’ll start a liquid diet tomorrow. Coffee is a no go (like…forever) with the ulcer, but true to his typical upbeat self, Grandpa said, “Well, i suppose I can start drinking tea.” (Have I mentioned how much I adore him? ‘Cause I do). They’ll do the liquid diet and slowly get him back up to “real food” – in quotes because remember what I said about hospital food? Every time I walk past that cafeteria, I think it smells like boiled shoes. I’m thrilled to have good news and I will be back in the hospital tomorrow, hopefully NOT in ICU.

And, lest I get too grateful… Pumpkin just called me up to her room where I tucked her in forty minutes ago and she wrote all over her body with ball point pen, so I guess I have a three year old to scrub.

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  1. I'm so glad to hear your grandpa is doing better & in good spirits! I've had my fill of hospitals for the year. Good thing it's almost over!

    And as for the ball point pen thing, eye make-up remover works wonders! It even gets Sharpie off toddlers…don't ask.

  2. BTW, the coffee thing…you don’t happen to be your grandfather’s granddaughter do you? Miss. Coffee is not a food group? 🙂

  3. Oh, I know about the coffee thing. I did get an email today, “Don’t go in there with your Starbucks!”

    (And thanks for the tip on the eye make up remover – I’ll try it in the morning – I kind of left her all inky and penned up. I didn’t feel like dealing with it in its entirety).

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