Thursday Ten, Volume 11

1. Pumpkin has caught a bug. Lovely. The fun thing about daycare is that even when your kid is sick and can’t attend, you still have to pay for it. Even if your child attends only two days per week – daycares still typically won’t offer an alternate day so you are not just out $40-some for nothing. That kind of pisses me off. (Note: Pumpkin has a virus along with an asthmatic cough which the doc has told us to use albuterol syrup to ease — here’s hoping it works – we have not slept in about two days).

2. Today is the last day of school before Spring Break. The Princess will be home all next week, and I’m trying to think of things to keep us busy, because she gets bored being at home. Already on the agenda is going to see “Horton Hears a Who” with a friend of hers, and a trip to the dentist.

3. Less than two weeks from now, tax season will be O-V-E-R!

4. When you look at my hair in normal light it looks pretty much the same – in the sunlight, it’s pretty red. I guess that’s what you get when you mix Mahogany and Roxy Red. Huh.

5. Yesterday I hurt my toe and The Princess said to me, “It’s just a toe, Mom. You have…NINE more.” Niiiiiiiiiiice.

6. So glad to see Ramiele get the boot on American Idol last night. She looked all nervous and squishy. The music industry would have chewed her up and spit her out.

7. Books! I’ve got books! I put several books on hold and was able to pick some up from the library this morning. I’m so glad to have something to read again.

8. I think my new favorite song these days is “Come Around” by Counting Crows. I really love that song.

9. I found a guy I knew in high school on Facebook this week. Let’s just say he’s done a 180 from the guy he was 15 years ago. Sounds blissfully happy, which is awesome, but that life o’ his took a whole new direction than I’d ever have predicted. Huh. Just goes to show you, you never really know.

10. The sun is shining today – I can’t wait til Hubby gets home and I can get outside for a walk. The weather is still a bit chilly, but should be warmer by the time he gets home. I love being able to walk outside again!

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