Smelling The Barn, 2008

Hey! It’s April 14. Hey!

For anyone who has been following me since January 1, you know that tomorrow is the big day we’ve been waiting for – Tax Day. I’m so glad that the hell of tax season is almost over. When you think that a third of our lives each year are consumed by all-things-tax-related, well… You realize what a big deal April 15 is, not just to Hubby, but the whole family. [Note: Unmarried ladies out there, you might think that marrying a CPA is a good thing. But it’s not. Unless you don’t want to see him for a third of the year. Think about that one.]

Of course, coinciding with the wrapping up of tax season comes the illness of Hubby’s car. Don’t know what’s wrong with it (and I’m hoping it’s something small – cross your fingers, would ya?), but I do know that I’ve been left home carless while Hubby’s had to take my mama-van the past few days, and today, the girls and I had to drive him to work. I informed him last night, we would NOT be taking him into the office at his usual 6 a.m. start time. He arrived promptly at 7:01 and that involved me leaving the house before eating breakfast, which meant that by the time the girls and I got back home, I was starving and cranky. Just the way to start the day. Oh, and it was 32 degrees. Winter coats on. I came close to putting them away for the season and didn’t, remembering that this is Michigan, home of the psychotic weather patterns.

Finally, in addition to the end of tax season TOMORROW, Wednesday is my day of pampering when Hubby will stay home with the kids (let’s see who’s still standing when the day is done) while I park my butt at a lovely local spa for four to five hours being pampered and treated like the princess I am. I cannot wait.

Happy Monday, Y’all.

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  1. Hurray for the ides of April!! And for Spa days!!

  2. Art the Omnipotent says

    Happy April 15th. Enjoy your special celebration of the wondrous day!!!

  3. Happy April 15th!!!!!!!!! You made it another year!!!!!!!!!

  4. Happy Tax Day!

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