And This is How I Roll

I got lost on the way to Chicago, ya’ll. Actually, to clarify, I didn’t get lost ON THE WAY, I got lost when I got off the highway and realized that Mapquest is nothing but some idiot-ploy to get people lost in big cities (Mental Note: Google Map it next time). I spent far too long trying to find my final destination and by the time I arrived, I was far too keyed up with stress and caffeine to get much sleep at all on Thursday night. Which sucked.

Massive caffeine consumption took place yesterday which had me sailing through the day just fine. In fact, I got seven hours of sleep last night and am more exhausted than I was yesterday on just two. It’s pure insanity, I tell you.

This has been a low key trip so far, but enjoyable and I am loving the break from home. Hubby is on a golf weekend with the guys, which means he will come home sunburned and pissed about his golf game when I see him tomorrow. He’s not at all predictable.

I’m off to find a Starbucks and get my energy up. The forty minutes on the treadmill and the refreshing shower did help, but man, I am wiped out already and it’s not even 10 a.m. Go figure.

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