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Since it’s a smidge after 9 p.m. and Hubby is back at the office and my rugrats are tucked in and snoozing (I thought for sure with the time change that bedtime was going to be a struggle, but it always seems a bit smoother when Hubby is not here – I think it’s that they detect I can’t tolerate too much drama and they just do what needs to be done), I figured I would talk about somethings I’ve been reading lately…

In the April 2008 issue of Glamour is a section on the seven kinds of friends you need to have:

  1. The Kooky Friend
  2. The New Friend
  3. The Friend You’ll Keep for Life
  4. The Couple Friends
  5. The 9-to-5 Friend
  6. The Friends Who Show Up
  7. The Friend Who’s Been There

Now, I don’t think I have all seven. I know I definitely have “The Friend You’ll Keep for Life”. I have “The 9-to-5 Friend” (though it’s more like the noon-to-eight friend given the time difference between Michigan and the west coast). I have a few friends who fall into the category of “The Friend Who’s Been There” (And props to this category, because these are the friends that are lifesavers with their knowledge when you are in need of some been-there-done-that advice). Beyond that though, I kind of think that some of these other categories are largely unfilled in my life. Example – The Couple Friends? I can’t think of any one couple that I consider friends – I mean, I suppose if I wanted to I could say so-and-so and so-and-so… but that would be a stretch – really, they aren’t people I consider “friends”.

I don’t know. Is it just me or is this kind of nuts? How many of the seven do you have? Do you find that you have people that fall into more than one category? I found it odd.

In other reading “news”, today at Barnes & Noble, I picked up this little book called “Mother to Daughter: Shared Wisdom from the Heart”. In it are little tidbits of “advice” and guidance for moms of daughters. The main driving force in me buying this book is that any time I tell someone I have daughters, I get horror stories about how they are going to hate me in eight to ten years. Faaaaaaantastic.

Obviously, I want to have a good relationship with my daughters. The idea of moms and daughters butting heads is a foreign one to me, namely because I didn’t go through that with my mom. Sure, there were times we clashed, there were times I didn’t like something she had done (such as the time I got grounded for getting home three minutes late when a friend’s mom was late picking us up! I mean – how was that MY fault?!), but I was never the kind of girl who would do the whole, “I hate you!” kind of hissy fit to my mom. I guess you’d just have to know her to know that that would not fly well. Then again, my mom and sis clashed terribly and I’m sure my sister yelled “I hate you!” to her many more times than she’ll remember.

Back to the book… Each page has a little bit of wisdom – some of it is practical, some of it is silly. For the most part, I’ve been reading them and smiling. Examples:

  • Resolve not to do anything for her that she can do for herself. This will serve the two of you well.
  • Watch that you don’t start using the word “we”, as in “we are in cheerleading” or “we are on the soccer team” or “we are in chorus”. It means “we” are going nuts.
  • Explain to her that for awhile the mean girls will be popular. But the mean girl should never be her.
  • Teach her how to climb a tree (and climb back down), to swing across the monkey bars, to throw a punch. Let her learn she’s strong.

I’ve still got more to read, but so far it’s a good reminder for some things – and it’s gotten me thinking on others that I hadn’t yet dared to think of.

Back to my reading… Have a good Sunday evening, everyone.

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  1. I also never went thru that with my mom. I do however fear it happening one day with my own daughter! All we can do is work at our relationships with our girls now and then continue to work very diligently to ensure that they are stable people as they grow! Scarey I know!

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