Color Me Surprised

This afternoon, I had a voice mail from my primary doctor telling me that she had gotten my message about Dr. McCreepy and the whole prescription debacle and she wanted to apologize to me and that she would be talking to him. Additionally, she said, “Your health is the priority – we need to get those eyes healed, so call me if you’re not feeling any better.”

Fortunately, my eyes are feeling better. Whoo hoo.

This evening, at about 5:30, the phone rang again and the Caller ID reflected the Doctor’s Office number. I thought it would be my doctor again. Nope. It was McCreepy. Calling to apologize. I am actually quite stunned.

And in a way, I’m kind of pissed off, as one of the things he said was that if he had known that none of the local pharmacies had carried the ointment, he would have prescribed the drops rather than have me drive twenty minutes to another pharmacy. I’m pretty sure the pharmacist told the doctor’s office that when he called them, though.

He also said that if he had known there was such a significant difference in the copay of the meds, he would have prescribed the drops. That does not help me NOW.

Sounded like he was passing the buck to blame the nurse he actually described as “crusty” (sadly enough, this description was enough to tell me what nurse talked to the pharmacist, as there is one really bitchy nurse there who would probably be that nasty to the pharmacist). Should this ever happen again, he said to just call back and get a different nurse on the line.


He apologized, and the phone call went on far longer than was comfortable (Apologize, then go away please). I suppose it doesn’t much matter, because I will never go see McCreepy again. If I have to wait a day to see a different doc, I will rather than subject myself to his Creepiness again.

But, the brightside is getting an apology. I didn’t think I’d get that.

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