Why I Am Terminally Uncool…

A few weeks ago, our local newspaper had an article in the Entertainment section about the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame releasing the Definitive 200, a list of 200 ranked albums that every music lover should own.

I love music, so I’m thinking that I should have quite a few of these, right?

Um. No. I don’t. Of the 200, I have 42… and that includes only three of the top ten (Which three? I have:
Led Zeppelin “Led Zeppelin IV”
U2 “Joshua Tree”
Nirvana “Nevermind”

(I should also count Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” because I had it, but lost it, and it was awesome, but I only downloaded a few songs from iTunes for my iPod, and…)

I’m actually surprised at some of the albums listed. The Eagles, I get. Miles Davis, makes sense. Led Zep, you bet. Michael Jackson, circa the Thriller years? Oh yeah. That there is more than one Tupac album on the list – really? I like rap, I do… but I can’t even think of more than one Tupac song. There’s also several Dixie Chicks albums listed – huh!? Enya? Seriously.

Folks – check the list out. Then come back and tell me – how many of these are in your music library?

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  1. Um, I have (or had) about 35 of them. But seriously, if some of those are suppose to be “cool” I don’t want to be cool. Puleez, Bob Seger?

  2. Um, I think you have way more potential of registering on the cool scale than I do. Geez, talk about pitiful. I had five, yes, five on the list, and that’s only because my sweet brother made sure he gave me the entire U2 collection a few years ago for Christmas. I think part of my problem has to do with not discovering “rock” music until I was in junior high (sheltered and stuck in a baptist school, need I say more?), and then the other part has to do with it never registering that I could actually spend money on a CD now and then.

    But the good news is that if I had to count the albums with songs I can actually sing because I know them by heart, the count goes way up. Of course, I cannot really sing, and my husband would probably not appreciate me telling you that I’ve sung Marvin Gaye to him on occasion. I’ll spare you the title, though I’m sure you could guess. =)

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