Thursday Ten, Volume 3

1. Pumpkin just asked me for “Peanut butter toast. With peanut butter on it.” Thanks dear. You want toast with peanut butter, with peanut butter? I’ll let her off the hook because she’s two and a half, but that is straight from the College of Redundancy School.

2. We are supposed to get hit with a big bunch of snow tonight. Ack! Fortunately, The Princess wasn’t supposed to have school tomorrow anyway, so it’s not going to affect us tremendously either way – though I do hate feeling trapped at home. I’d rather not venture out on the roads with my kids when the roads are bad. People drive like idiots when the roads are icy.

3. Like he does every Wednesday evening, Stepson spent the night. Like he does every time he spends the night, he adjusted the setting on my toaster this morning. He turns it way down, and never turns it back when he’s done. Consequently, the next person to make toast essentially gets soggy warm bread. No toast. Aggggggh!

4. My latest random iTunes downloads (I’ve been on a downloading frenzy):
“The More Things Change” Mary Chapin Carpenter
“Yeah!” Usher
“Stay or Leave” Dave Matthews
“You Had Time” Ani DiFranco
“My Immortal” and “Bring Me to Life” Evanescence

5. Kick ass thing about the weather sucking? I didn’t have to go to a “Purse Party” last night. My mom was hounding me to go to a “designer” purse party thrown my her ex-husband’s current wife (got that?). Seeing as how I really DO NOT like her ex husband, I really DID NOT want to go to his house. Yaaaaaaaay for icy roads.

6. I really wonder if Pumpkin is ever going to be ready for potty training! (Niki, I have to get her trained before she turns three or your mom will definitely give me grief about it – and RIGHTLY so!). She likes to sit around in soggy drawers. Today, we bought her some PullUps that turn super cold when they are wet. It sounds vaguely cruel to me but, apparently, sitting around in a warm squashy pee-soaked diaper is a fun thing. So, maybe turning down the warmth will help!

7. I’ve been on a “Love the Planet” kick and stopped using most cleaning products aside from baking soda and vinegar for things. Well, I caved and bought some Mister Clean today. Vinegar is great for my counter tops (I have it mixed with water in a spray bottle). Baking soda is great too. But my floors? They just get way cleaner with the chemicals.

8. I hate the writers’ strike. I hate reruns.

9. For as much as I love working out, I have procrastinated my bicep/tricep workout for nearly two days now. I have to do it. I just HATE. IT. SO. MUCH.

10. Ordering from Sephora is fun. Free samples are fun. Free samples of Philosphy’s Amazing Grace are fun AND smell yummy.

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  1. Um, my mom thinks that MY kids should be potty trained! I think that 2.5-3 is ‘normal’. Good luck, though.

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