A Much Needed GNO

Saturday was chaotic, busy, involved several wardrobe changes (two events plus one bumming around the house outfit) and a lot of rushing around, but oh my goodness, I had such a great time that even a day and a half later, I’m still glad I went out.

See, I wasn’t going to go. The first part of the day was a bridal shower for Hubby’s cousin. She’s just an awesome person, and one of my favorite people in his family. The bridal shower was an absolute – no matter what, I was going. I also received an invite for the Bachelorette Fiesta to be held several hours after the shower. I knew I didn’t really know the Bride’s friends, but also figured that unless they were going to a male-strip club (SO not my thing), I wanted to go out, have fun, and help give her the send-off into married life!

The shower was pretty typical – the best part of it being that my mother-in-law didn’t show up (Yahoo!). That had been my fear as I had been getting ready, that my MIL would be there. We’re not super close, you know (Read: The woman hates me and the feeling is mutual). I have managed to get through the past several months without seeing her – quite possibly, I haven’t seen her since July, now that I think about it. The thought of sitting near her breathing in the second hand smoke fumes from her clothes was not an appealing thought for me. But – she was a no show.

After the shower, I went home and did my hair, changed my clothes and did a few other little things before heading out for the Bachelorette Fiesta. I (of course) managed to stop at Starbucks for a Gingebread Latte before heading to the bar we were meeting at for dinner and drinks. We were going downtown to a bar with a Dueling pianos dealy – I had never been there, but had always wanted to go, so I was looking forward to it.

At this point, I’ll remind y’all again that I’m some what quiet – I’m not super extroverted, and I did kind of worry about how the night would be, me not knowing anyone at all. We sat down for dinner, the drinks started coming, the music started, and… once the mother of the bride and mother of the groom took their leave, the laughs hit…Hard. I got to know several of the ladies at our table and we had a blast – from getting picked on by the pianists, to laughter at the guy at the table next to us who snuck into almost every single one of our pictures (Seriously, we’re gonna have to PhotoShop the dude out). The Bride was feeling no pain and when I left, I seriously didn’t really WANT to go just yet. It was THAT fun.

I’ve already talked to the Bride and two of the other ladies from Saturday night – I can’t wait for the reception (The wedding is a quiet deal in Vegas in March). I am definitely going to have to make Girls Night Out a regular practice in my life again. I definitely need it.

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