Just Call Me Mommy McCrankyPants

I cannot get in a good mood today. I started out alright. I started out almost perky. You have to realize that that in itself is saying something totally huge because tax season has begun and I am on sole mom duty from 6:30 a.m. for the next 12 hours. Yes, Hubby leaves for work at 6:30. This means that I get virtually no break in my day until the munchkins fall asleep (which on a good day is at about 8 p.m. – but good days are somewhat few and far between these days, as far as sleep goes).

Hubby headed off for work, my best friend arrived with her two girls. Fine. I mean, shoot – I was even perky enough to make HOMEMADE buttermilk pancakes for my girls this morning. I know my mood wasn’t all gloomy from the start. The other girl I watch arrived, and it was fine. It was all completely fine until the girls went to wait for the school bus and L was riding The Princess’s scooter and wiped out just as the schoolbus pulled up. The girl was in a sobbing fit – I couldn’t just send her on the bus. She had apparently smucked her knees into our driveway – though they looked slightly scraped, there was no blood. She was, however, in pain – so I escorted her back into the house, got some ice for her knees and called her mom. Soothed L a bit, then had to load up my kids and L to go drive L to school (Something we don’t normally do).

Me and my kids then went on a short jaunt to Target. I let the girls each get something from the little Dollar Spot section, I then stopped in for a Gingerbread Latte (and the Starbucks dude said they have enough Sugar Free Gingerbread that they will probably be availble til mid-March… see, so far so good). We went home and The Princess opened her little craft kit that she picked out and I went to alphabetize our CDs. Yes, it’s completely and totally an anal thing to do – but Pumpkin tends to pull the CDs off the shelf and then we just shove them back whereever and now it’s such a mess I can’t find ANYTHING. While I was alphabetizing, Pumpkin apparently got into her sister’s artwork and The Princess started this screaming/sobbing thing.

And it all went downhill from there.

Because after that, The Princess ended up getting glitter glue on my iPhone (we got it off, but I was frustrated because I can’t entirely figure out why she had glue anywhere near my stuff – including my work paperwork just inches away). Then the girls were bickering, and it got to the point where I said out of frustration, “Oh! I want to run away from home!” (I know, I know – bad mommy…It totally made The Princess cry and I totally didn’t mean it, and really, where in the hell would I go anyway, really?! I’m not going anywhere!! I just sort of vented out of frustration). I realize NOW that the better thing might have been to leave the room and count to ten and come back, hindsight being 20/20 and all.

Ah, so… I calmed her down, and then told her that mommy had a kind of ugly moment there – and we made an effort to start fresh.

Twenty minutes into our fresh start, The Princess’s friend and the girl’s mom showed up in our driveway asking if they could have her for the next four hours for a playdate. BY ALL MEANS. I explained to the mom that The Princess was probably relieved – that I’d had a cranky morning (Yes, I ratted myself out – because anyone with a kid old enough to talk knows the kid is going to tell everyone every embarassing thing there is to know so you might as well beat them to it). The mom was very sympathetic, as she also works from home – and she said, “Well, then this sounds like the PERFECT day for a playdate.”

Now here’s just hoping I can get Pumpkin to take a nap. I just need a few relaxing minutes on my own…

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  1. I’m totally there with you. BabyGirl & I had one of those nights last night. It was bad. I was a bad mom. It just sucked the joy out of life.

    Here’s hoping this tax season flies by quickly!!

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