I was going to vent again about more things about the holiday season that are already frustrating me – but, it’s not even December yet, so I’ll hold that thought for a bit. Here are a few random things (Writer’s block has been hitting me hardcore – too much on my mind lately) that are making it a bit easier to find the Christmas spirit:

1. I said it before, but I really think my co-shoppers are in better moods this year. This morning at Target, I was trying to get the rugrats into the shopping cart and I was (admittedly) totally blocking this other woman from getting through with her cart. I apologized and she responded with a smile: “No apology necessary! I totally understand!” Wow. It was nice.

2. Gingerbread lattes. Why have I never tried these until this year? Yum.

3. Buying stocking stuffers. My stocking is my favorite part of the Christmas-gift part – and aside from putting together my kids’ stockings, I also coordinate my mom’s (I totally thought her husband would take this job from me when they got hitched… but he hasn’t). I love looking for goofy little things to put in the stocking. Mom is getting some ornaments in hers, as well as some music and a movie. At some point, I’ll go get her some new margarita salt, and OPI’s I’m Not Really a Waitress.

4. Stocking related weirdness: Mom and I asked each other for the same CD and the same movie. Should I be alarmed?

5. We have planned a date for the Second Annual Cookie Decorating Party. Oy. The Princess is SO excited.

6. Just about a week and a half until the Hannah Montana concert. Y’all wish you were me, dontcha?

7. Hubby finally told me what he wants for Christmas… He wants a golf bag. I freakin’ hate golf. I asked him what are the specifications to buying a golf bag – he said the configuration is VERY important. I asked, “How so?” He didn’t answer. So… fantastic. At least I have half an idea. I’ll probably just buy the nice looking one, and get the gift receipt.

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