Thank You. Gracias. Merci.

Happy Thanksgiving. I type this as Pumpkin is napping (for that, I am thankful!) and Hubby is entertaining The Princess and Stepson. We’ll head over to my mom’s to gorge ourselves on turkey and other yummies once naptime is over, but I am loving the quiet for now, and sure needed it!

It’s been kind of hard to come up with a list of things in my life for which I am grateful. Admittedly, I’ve been in a crabby mood lately – and while I am (of course) thankful for my family and friends, it’s been hard to feel fully appreciative because of my knickers being in a twist. I’m such a joy, right?

Today, I’m thankful for:
2. iTunes – instant gratification – I hear a song, I download a song, I listen to a song repeatedly. It’s good.
3. Cheesecake brownies – I’ll have to post the recipe, y’all – they are good. Very very good.
4. That the ugly snow that was sitting on my lawn when I woke up has already melted. I hate winter.
5. That the local humane society is offering a deal on black animals tomorrow for Black Friday. I think that’s awesome… and while we’re not ready to get a pet just yet, I think it’s a great thing they’re doing.
6. Having re-found some amazing friends this year – I had lost touch and have since found them and now can’t imagine life without them. Such a blessing – it’s been a fun time reconnecting.
7. Days when I can be “off duty” – being a mom is some tiring stuff. Some days, it’s nice to turn it over to someone else and I can veg and not have to worry about it.
8. That there are so many things to read online when I’m procrastinating being productive.
9. Coke Zero.
10. And of course, my extra foamy cappuccinos. Yummers.

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Sarah is a book nerd, a music lover, an endorphin junkie, a coffee addict. Oh, and a goof ball. She writes, she tweets, and she sings off key.


  1. I like your list, and please, by all means, post the brownie recipe. It’s always nice to have an excuse for chocolate. Adding cream cheese just makes it even better.

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