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Yesterday was some serious ugly, and there was a slight redemption towards the end of the day which completely saved the day from (as a friend of mine says) “stinking like a bag of dead turtles”. My friend and I were able to briefly escape the chaos of our children-filled homes and head to the mall to get some dresses.

I will be the first to admit – I really don’t much like shopping. In fact, I kind of sort of really don’t like it. When I have money to blow, I don’t typically like to spend it on clothes and stuff – but… My friend has a company holiday party this weekend, and I have Husband’s work Christmas party (gag!) and a wedding for my cousin all within the next few weeks, and we were both needing something to wear.

Fortunately… we both found success at the first store!

I tried on a few dresses (including some that looked too much like nightgowns to attempt for a wedding), and hit the jackpot with the fourth dress, which I loved and made me feel so pretty that I didn’t want to take it off. Yes, I’m pretty much going to freeze my butt off wearing this in December – but, I’ll be able to breathe in it, even after eating (!), and I’ll be able to dance in it — and those were the most important criteria for me in choosing this dress.

My friend’s dress (also dress #4!) was beautiful and she was pretty pleased to find success at the first store (with no tears shed!). At the register, we found out that there was an awesome sale, further proving that these dresses were meant to be ours.

So, for all the stuff about yesterday that made me crazy, at least I have a super cute dress that I can’t wait to wear.

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  1. I’m so jealous! I want a dress too. A pretty, no tears shed, 4th one tried on at the first store that, pretty and ok for eating and dancing dress! I don’t really have a reason. No party or anything but I still want one.

  2. I definitely needed that – I put it on and it was like, “Ohhhhh, I’m buying this dress!!!” I loved it.

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