My Little Contrary Girl

Pumpkin is undoubtedly the most contrary kid I have ever known in my life. If you say “purple”, she’ll say “green”. I was watching the Michigan/Michigan State game last weekend and I was rooting for Michigan (of course), cheering, “Gooooo Blue!” The Pumpkin’s reply: “Stop! Blue!”

She’s always like that. I’ll tell her I’m making lunch, she’ll say, “I hate lunch!” One day, she’ll talk nonstop about taking a bath and how she wants to take a bath – but at bathtime? “I don’t want to take a bath.”

Today, for some reason, The Princess was stomping around the house saying, “Keep your panties on! Keep your panties on!” (And yes, I’m laughing while I type it because I have no idea why why why she was saying that – but oh my freakin’ lord, it WAS indeed a funny choice of things to repeatedly exclaim while marching around the house). She was followed by Ms. Contrary who, of course, was chanting: “Take your panties off! Take your panties off!”

Hubby didn’t find this amusing at all (as I knew he wouldn’t). As he said, “Good lord! What are you teaching these kids?!”

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  1. Hey lady! Thanks for the Pulled Chicken Sandwich recipe. I made it tonight and it was very good. The Man loved it too. Will definately make again.

  2. That’s hysterical! BabyGirl & Pumpkin must have a lot in common. If there isn’t a reason to argue, she’ll make one up.

  3. That is too funny! Thanks for sharing it. I’m still chuckling.

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