Dora DVD. Check. Obnoxious CDs. Check.

Yesterday, in a fit of productivity (or boredom!) I got a lot crossed off my “to buy” list for the kids for Christmas. I had already started shopping for The Princess (it’s easy with her being at school some days). Yesterday, I did some serious damage on ordering DVDs for Pumpkin (Dora Saves the Mermaids and another one that has something to do with puppies?), CDs for The Princess (including High School Musical 2, and I’m sure I’m gonna be kicking myself for that one). Stepson wanted the Jonas Brothers cd and The Naked Brothers Band cd (I have no idea who The Naked Brothers are – it just doesn’t sound good, does it?). A few other random gifty things here and there, and my list is looking a lot better now.

I love Christmas shopping when there is plenty of time, and I’m not dealing with crabby mall crowds. It’s hard sometimes to hold back a bit and not go super nuts shopping for the kids – everyone with kids knows that kids are more than happy to tell you what it is that they want (Pumpkin has already started – but I think it’s because The Princess is doing it – pointing out everything she wants on TV, in magazines, in the newspapers). Of course, Pumpkin being so hardcore into Dora the Explorer makes it easy to shop for her. The Princess being so into Hannah Montana makes it super easy to shop for her. Doesn’t help that Disney and Nick Jr market the hell out of everything show that is on. There is certainly no shortage of merchandising for any of the girls’ favorite shows!

My goal is to be done shopping by December 15. It’s an arbitrary date – no particular reason for it…. but let’s see if I can do it.

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