It Was Nice While It Lasted

Yeah. My victory in my spotless kitchen was short-lived yesterday. Started making dinner. Hubby came home. Life exploded all over the counter tops, the sink refilled with dishes. Ugh. Today, it makes me sick looking at it, though I’ve picked it up and the stove is still spotless. It’s tremendously frustrating that by and large, I’m the only one who cares what it looks like – and everyone else seems to be used to it making me so crazy that I’ll just clean it up again. And again. And again. (Do I sound bitter? I kinda sorta am).

Today, I have already washed and folded five loads of laundry. A sixth is in the dryer. The seventh (and final) load is in the washing machine. Gotta love laundry day. It makes Tuesdays a big pain in the butt -but I don’t have to deal with laundry for the rest of the week, which is a plus. It’s a personal preference, but if I was doing laundry every day, I think I’d go out of my mind.

This morning, I had to take Pumpkin to get her flu shot. Because The Princess didn’t do so well with hers (she started sobbing when they swabbed her leg with the alcohol wipe), I wasn’t optimistic that Pumpkin would do better. Happily, I was proven wrong. Poor kiddo tensed when the needle went in, but beyond that, not a peep. I treated her to a donut afterwards, and because she told me to, I got a cappuccino. Seriously, she told me, “Donut and coffee.” Since I was all about making it up to her for getting a shot, I had to oblige her request. That’s what mothers have to do sometimes.

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  1. It totally rocks when taking one for the team involves cappuccino!

    I can completely sympathise with the “no one cares but me” thing. I could scour the entire house from top to bottom, walk to the mail box, and return to find Husband letting the kids eat ho-ho’s off the living room carpet.

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