Finally, The Weather Breaks

Ah, an end to the freakish October heatwave and I’m so relieved. This 80+ degree weather nonsense at this time of year (okay, ANY time of year) was really starting to get to me. I’m hoping the cooldown continues and that I will soon be able to pack up the girls’ shorts and tank tops and find some more room in their dressers for cooler weather outfits.

As I type this, I’m half watching the movie “Breach”, and have no idea what is going on. I was up several times last night and figured that I was so exhausted today, I would take it easy during Pumpkin’s nap rather than try to get a bunch of stuff done. That’s why there is a pile of clean towels sitting on the floor waiting to be folded, less than two feet from me. I’m inhaling the fresh laundered scent – but, they’re gonna be there awhile.

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