When Forgetful is Good

This afternoon, while I was baking my (first ever) cheesecake, I started smelling smoke. Then I got to looking and realized there was smoke coming from the oven. I bake quite a bit – I am not one who burns stuff, so I was quite disappointed to see and smell the smoke. I checked the oven and realized it wasn’t the cheesecake burning, but rather something on the bottom of the oven (likely something that had dripped from the Springform pan, I’m guessing). I took the cheesecake out, I turned the oven off, I opened all the windows and the slider, and then I turned on the fan over the stove.

And then it hit me.

Why weren’t my smoke alarms going off?

I strolled around the main floor. No batteries.

I strolled upstairs. One detector missing its batteries.


When Hubby got home, I asked him, “Why aren’t the smoke detectors hooked up?” He’s apparently forgotten for the past few weeks to pick up batteries at the store. Oy. So, I made sure to write it on the grocery list so he’d get them on Friday. Makes me nervous knowing that so many of the smoke detectors aren’t working. Buuuuuut… had they been working, it would have woken Pumpkin up from her nap seriously early – and THAT woulda been a bad thing.

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  1. our living room filled up with smoke last winter when the fire place flu cooled off too much to draw the smoke. The alarms never went off. Three days later I made toast & they all went off. Go figure.

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