And the Doctor Says…

The Princess has bronchitis.

Poor little pooh-bear. She’s been coughing since Friday with that same low grade fever. Last night, after she fell asleep at the dinner table, and then fell asleep on the couch (well before 7 p.m.), I knew that she’d probably have to go to the doctor’s. As I had an appointment this morning, it was up to Hubby to take her in. Knowing, as I do, that his memory is useless (or nonfunctional, rather), I wrote a list of her symptoms: what symptoms she has or had, when they started, and so forth.

Apparently, from looking at her record, the PA determined that The Princess will likely ALWAYS be susceptible to getting bronchitis. That next time she gets that horrible cough (which he referred to as “spastic”), that she needs to come in ASAP if we don’t have any liquid albuterol. He prescribed a monster bottle of it, as well as some chewable amoxicillin. Of course, for those of you who have no experience with albuterol (lucky lucky lucky) you may not know that it tends to pep kids up a bit. The Princess is pretty darn perky right now, and so it’s going to be a long afternoon.

I’m hoping that this germy mess cleans up soon.

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  1. I hope she feels better ASAP too !


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