Nothing Worthwhile is Ever Easy, Is It?

After a spectacularly painful (for me) two plus hours trying to get Pumpkin to bed last night, she was up several times in the middle of the night. Surprisingly, she didn’t cry about her pacifier until about 1:30 in the morning. I had held her for a few minutes and her eyes were heavy and she was half asleep saying, “Pacipier… paci….” It was like she was dreaming of it or something!

I guess the struggles are to be expected – she has fallen asleep with that plug in her mouth nearly every night for two years – she has to relearn how to fall asleep, and how to stay asleep.

An unexpected (by me) plus: her breath smells much better on waking up than it did previously. Stinky paci mouth? Who knew.

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  1. Farm Wife says

    I LOVE this idea. I hope things smooth out over the weekend. I don’t remember how we weaned #1 Son from them (he’s the only one who really took a paci…except Bitsy who takes one on occasion now). I know we did the only at nap time thing, but wish I would have thought of clipping the tip off them or the Binky Fairy!!

    Good luck!

  2. I remember the days of walking around sleep deprived. It was hard. But, being sleep deprived means you have a little one. I miss having a little one.

    Hang in there !

    BTW, great job on the Fairy Box. That’s adorable.


  3. You got an “Awwww” out of The Man when I showed him the Pacifier Fairy box.

    Good luck on night number 2!

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