Nice Tagline, Dell.

Dell, in their latest ads for their super funky color laptops is using the tagline: “Yours Is Here”. Well, it sure as hell ain’t HERE as this morning, my second scheduled ship date for my spiffy Spring Green laptop, my ship date was changed twice.

Yes. Two times, in ONE MORNING Dell delayed my order.

And I’m a bit chapped.

Some of you know this: I don’t spend money on myself much. I agonized over the decision to order this laptop. I did. I finally justified it because I was doing so much work, it was a business decision. Sad to say, even if I had ordered it without all the internal debate, it probably still would not be here.

I’m only one of many. Dell’s own blog is filled with bunches (in the hundreds, actually) of people like me who are peeved because their laptop orders continue to be delayed with poorly relayed excuses from what they refer to as Dell’s “Customer Circus” team. In fact, I called them myself today and was talked in circles by someone, offering me no real reasons, and no compensation for my troubles and the delay (a $50 coupon to spend with Dell? Um, thanks… So, my inconvenience should benefit them by getting another purchase from me? Try again).

I’m now told my laptop will ship September 10. Any delays beyond that, I’m not sure what I’ll do – if I will continue to wait it out or if I’ll cancel and start researching computers again to make a different selection.

Dude, I’m (not) getting a Dell (this week).

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  1. Call them back. Tell them you would like to use your money for a Mac. I know, I know, the world doesn’t yet have compatibility for Macs in many software programs. And I am biased. Blame it on the commercials…..

  2. Oh you better believe cancellign the order has crossed my mind. If they blow thru the next anticipated ship date, I may well do that. A MacBook is slightly more, but… I’m seriously considering it.

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