If Mama Ain’t Happy…

I think we’ve now determined that if we ever run into the Pacifier Fairy, our whole household could well be lining up to kick her little fairy butt (Do fairies have butts? Well, this is our imaginary fairy, and my blog – so yes, I’m guessing this particular one DOES have a butt, and it needs kicking).

As I type this, I’m enjoying a rare daytime moment of silence since the taking of the pacifiers. Yesterday was so wretchedly bad that I was seriously nasty to just about anyone who had the misfortune of crossing my path. From the moment the first kiddo (yesterday, that was Pumpkin) woke up at 6:30, until the moment Pumpkin FINALLY fell asleep at 10 p.m., my total amount of time to myself was a whopping 30 minutes.

When I finally got Pumpkin to nap yesterday afternoon, after over an hour of screaming and crying (her, not me), her nap was too short, and The Princess was still hanging out, needing things to do. It was another hot, muggy and gruesome day yesterday and The Princess stayed inside much of the day. I don’t blame her, I didn’t want to be outside either. She finally got wrapped up in watercolor painting, invited a friend over and they painted on the front porch (including literally painting ON the front porch – oy). For about an hour they were in and out of the house, getting paper, getting water to rinse brushes, getting paper towel, getting juice, getting cups, getting more juice… “Mom come look!” “Mom, can you get the door for me?” “Can you…”

Would it be snotty to say that in the midst of all this, I’m still working, here… I have a job I’m trying to do from home. Tired, sleep deprived, messy house.

It didn’t get much easier once Hubby came home, as he decided at the girls’ bedtime it would be a perfect time for him to go for a run. Then Stepson called with things he needed Hubby to bring to him. So, yes, at prime witching hour, Hubby was M.I.A. Not a wise move, on his part. I was already crabby and no one got brownie points for that.

Yesterday was not my finest day. Actually, none of us came out of yesterday smelling like roses, to be honest. It sucks. Today started out pretty ugly as well, but I tried a new tactic at naptime with Pumpkin, and for that one time, at least. It worked. She’s about 90 minutes in. The Princess is playing with a friend – AT THE FRIEND’S HOUSE (Whahooooooooooo! Can I just say how sick I am of always being the place where the other kids come? I may be grateful when the girls are teens, but for now? I feel like I’m running a daycare… only none of these moms are paying me!). I’ve almost put away all the laundry I did yesterday. My house is reasonably picked up. I have things to do, but I figure, what would help me the most is to spend a few minutes on me, curling up on the couch with a good book and a bowl of mint chip.

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  1. Oh please oh please do not do anything “productive” during your one minute to yourself. Please sit your ass down and eat some damn icecream or read your book or close your eyes and dream of laying on a beach without anyone there to drop sand in your top.

  2. Farm Wife says

    I’m with Em on this one. Just veg as much as possible.

    I am so dissapointed. I had big hopes for the pacifier fairy… can we trap her and hit her with sticks?

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