Hypothetically Speaking…

In your home, if you left a basket of freshly laundered and folded clothes in the room in which they needed to be put away, how long would it take for someone else to put them away? Hypothetically speaking, would someone else actually do it? Or would the clothes sit in the basket until you put them away a week later because you needed the basket to tote several more loads of laundry around on laundry day?

Just askin’.

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  1. Funny you should ask this question. 🙂

    It takes about a week for hubby to put away his freshly laundered & folded clothes.

    I guess a week of the clothes sitting around in the laundry basket, just waiting for some kind soul to put them away (not gonna be me, I’m not That kind ! lol )wouldn’t classify them as ‘freshly laundered’ anymore, but they were freshly laundered clothes when the basket arrived at it’s destination. So I did my part.

    I’m thinking a second laundry basket might help solve this problem for me, because I have to do laundry on a daily basis, or else it takes a week to play *catch up* in my family.

    How long did it take in your house ?


  2. Oh goodness, L. It sat there a WEEK. I finally put the stuff away today. I do laundry once a week (a few less kiddos in my house than yours, so I can get away with it) – every Tuesday, I do laundry ALL day. I have about 6 or 7 loads and I am washing and folding clothes all day. I figure, I do all that, I put the stuff in the baskets, other people should chip in?

    You’d think.

    You would be wrong. ; )

    (Btw, we have about 5 laundry baskets!)

  3. Unless I put it away (or leave it on Husband’s side of the bed so he either has to move it or sleep on the couch) it will set there until all the clothes have been dug out of it and worn.
    I am working on the kids though…they have to help out with their laundry (much to their chagrin).

  4. Umm it would sit there until I put it away. That is unless the hubby is looking for something in particular (seems to “run out” of underware) – but it’ll sit there and make a square or rectangular UFO type mark on the carpet until I put it away! 🙂

  5. It would be a week. No doubt about that. I’ve left them on the kitchen table that long before and we’ve both just picked through them as we needed things. Sad huh? I don’t let that happen much I promise – it was an experiment, yeah… and experiment.

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