Happy Birthday, America!

Low key Fourth. Low key is fine by me.

Since L asked: Chuck E. Cheese was actually a blast the other day. Pumpkin won an insane amount of tickets on this game (weird, I know – but it was a game that required no skill other than pushing a button, and boy did she push it at the right time – won 63 tickets in one fell swoop!). The Princess mastered skee-ball and various other rides. They had a blast. Pumpkin was eating pizza like I’d never seen her – it was insane – shoveled it right in. Both girls had a great time, and were snoozing by the time we got home (Pumpkin was out before we hit the highway, actually!).

Today also marks “Two Months Until School Starts!”. The countdown is on….

Another note: I just finished “Sammy’s Hill” by Kristin Gore. I was surprised – I really enjoyed it. Not on par with some deep thinking sorta book, but funnier than I expected. Way funnier.

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