And Our Headcount is Down By One

After a long week of Stepson arguing with The Princess, with Hubby and with me, I told him last night about thirty minutes before Hubby was due to take him back to Stepson’s mother’s house, “It’s almost time for you to go back to your mom’s.” To which he promptly said, “WHAT?! Already? Nooooooooooooooooooo.”

Blows my mind – kids. He really didn’t act like he was too happy to be here, but, was upset to go. Go figure.

In any case, my house is settling down again. I’m pretty rigid, pretty Type A – I get easily thrown off kilter when the dynamic changes. I’m not saying these are good qualities, but I know it’s how I am. I don’t do change well. And having one more person in your house for an extended period of time is a pretty hefty change (especially to my work load as primary home-duties person: one more person to cook for, do laundry for, clean up after). Wish I could say that it gets easier as time goes on, but I’d be lying.

So today, it’s just me and my girls and we’re doing something we’ve never done before – we’re going to Chuck E. Cheese. I’ve been there before, of course, but the girls haven’t. A good friend of ours has a cute little guy who just turned four and invited us to his party. The girls are very excited. The Princess is wearing a dressy shirt and skirt – ignoring my fashion advice that maybe shorts and t might be more comfy. She said to me, “Will I be hanging upside down? NO. So I can wear a skirt.” I’m looking forward to taking them to do something special outside of the norm – and a birthday party on Monday? That certainly distracts from the Monday blah’s. What a special day!

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    How’d you & the girls like Chuck E. Cheese ?


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