My Wall Has a Magnetic Personality… Kind of.

Four coats of Magnetic Primer later, small magnets are sticking to my wall. My big clip type magnets are not – they slide right to the floor as soon as I try to stick them on. Shucks.

I half wonder, though, if it’s my fault. The stuff (tip for those who may try it) kind of separates in the can – there’s a really thin liquidy layer on top and then a clumpy oopy-goopy black tar-like layer that sinks to the bottom. You’re supposed to mix it really well.

But I’m wondering…

Perhaps I didn’t mix them together well enough.

That could be.

Anyway. Hubby and I debated making the whole wall a communication wall, and painting chalkboard paint over it – so the wall would remain black. But. I’m not feeling it. I’m going to paint it with a normal color, and since I have the most leftover paint from our bedroom, the wall will be light yellow. For now. I may change it later. I may add a chalkboard.

Regardless of what I opt to do, I won’t be doing it today. I feel like I have a cactus in my throat. I was starting to feel off on Saturday night before heading out to a girlfriend’s birthday fiesta. So bad, that I stopped for a nice, cold iced latte on the way (It didn’t help my throat, but it tasted good and kept me from falling asleep at the table at 10 p.m.). Though I had a fabulous time at her shindig, the hours in the smoke-filled bar didn’t quite help. Add to that my lack of sleep (oh, did I mention? Pumpkin’s canine teeth – is that what they’re called? – are coming in… Joy joy joy), well… I’m feeling a little less than stellar today.

So. The wall will stay black today.

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  1. The wall as a metaphor for your life…or at least how you feel today. Interesting. 🙂

    By the way I’m sure you did it right. I’m sure the yellow will be lovely too.

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