My Birdies Have Returned to the Nest

Saturday night, as I tried to fall asleep, I lay in bed sobbing, dialing Hubby at his hotel room in Chicago: “I am soooooooo lonely!”

Hubby was on a business trip (he came home last night – yaaaaahoo!), and the girls were with my mom, as I spent all day getting my friend ready for her wedding, and then I was at the wedding and reception. Initially, I thought it would be easiest if the girls spent the night with my mother, so I wouldn’t have to pick them up post-wedding, so I could sleep off the effects of the day without having to worry about one or both of them waking me up. I wanted to sleep HARD (I’ll have to post later about the wedding and why that was so necessary, but to be honest, it was a hard day, and somewhat emotionally draining – and not in a good way that weddings should get your emotions going – I’m still sort of coming down from it).

I returned home from the festivities at about 10:30ish. I planned to take a nice hot bath, and go hit the hay. I talked to Hubby, said goodnight, curled up in bed….

And realized I had never spent the night in this house alone. Granted, if the girls were home, they’d have been sleeping. The house wouldn’t have been any less quiet. I wouldn’t have had anything I needed to do. But, it hit me that I was alone, and it freaked me out. I was ready, at nearly midnight, to hop into the car, go to my mom’s house and pick up my little monkeys. I didn’t do that. I ended up calling Hubby, letting him calm me down, and then falling asleep, where I slept hard – but only for about 6 hours.

Yesterday, I was up bright and early, got a quick two mile walk, took a VERY quick shower, and raced over to get my little peeps. I’m so glad to have them home!

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  1. Farm Wife says

    That’s one thing I’m not looking forward to with this hospital stay. I will miss my loud, unruly, wild, noisy babies. I’m not sure I can handle the peace & quite of a hospital…

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