Yes, I’m Noticing the Pattern

One of the happy benefits of Hubby being done with tax season is that he is now sharing middle of the night, wake up with Pumpkin duties with me. Since she seems to be on an endless teething streak, for the past SEVERAL WEEKS (yes, that is the case, no exaggeration), she has been up at least once, sometimes twice (or more) per night. This really stinks.

However, Saturday was Hubby’s turn and she slept through the night. Sunday was my turn… she did not. Monday night was his turn – she slept through the night. Last night was my turn – she was up twice.

That would make you believe (possibly), “Hey, maybe she notices, and she just wants to hang out with mom.” Wouldn’t that be sweet? Yeah, fine. If it were TRUE. When I came into her bedroom where she was standing in her crib (screaming), she saw me and said, “No no no – DADDY! DADDY!” and then ran to the far side of her crib far away from me.

At 1:15 a.m. and 4:44 a.m., I don’t have much in the way of pride. You don’t want me, fine, I’ll go back to bed. I turned, started to head out of her room, and wonder of wonders, she had a change of heart. “No no no! Mama! Mommmmmmm-eeeeeeeeeeee!” Fantastic. I was up anyway. I got her out of her crib and, per my middle of the night M.O., made as little eye contact as possible, told her we would go downstairs to change her diaper and then go RIGHT. BACK. TO. BED.

Granted, when she’s up in the middle of the night, it’s almost never for more than ten minutes each time. But STILL. We’ve got one molar and four cuspids to go before we are done with teething… for awhile… and then the next set of molars will come to invade on my sleep cycle again. Can’t wait.

I’m such a ray of sunshine when I’m operating on little sleep. I am grateful TONIGHT is Hubby’s night to get up with her. Of course, because life is like that – she’ll sleep through the night.

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