Yeah. I Don’t Get It Either.

Tonight, I was kicking back with a pile of work to do, making up for last week. It took me quite some time to get Pumpkin to bed tonight, and Hubby had The Princess with him at Stepson’s baseball game. Pumpkin was twenty minutes past her bedtime when I finally settled her in her crib – and not minutes after that, the doorbell rang.

It was the kid who lives in the house behind us. I don’t think I’ve mentioned him (but I should have) – but he’s got this new hobby of standing in his backyard, on top of a ladder and trying to tip it over so he can stage these elaborate stunt-like falls (have I mentioned how glad I am that I have daughters? Boys are weird).

I said hello and figured he was going to ask if Stepson was home, as they are sort of friends.


“Do you want some fish? I have a whole bunch.”

Um, no.

Door to door fish sales. Just one more quality of living in a small town.

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  1. I’ve gotten “meat out of the back of a van salesguys” before but never fish. That actually seems even more shady.

  2. Oooh, those “meat out of the back of a van salesguys are in Kentucky too. But I’ve never had fish offered at my door!

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