Why Mommy Needs a Night Out!

When Hubby got home, I handed him Pumpkin fresh from her bath and nearly bolted out the door. This week has dragged, folks, and I am relieved I have a “girls’ night out” planned for tomorrow. I need it. Not only am I excited to catch up with some old friends (not “old” as in geriatric, because, you know, we’re all just total spring chickens or whatever), I am excited to eat a meal without having to cut someone else’s food for them, carry a diaper bag, or pick food scraps off the floor before I leave so the wait staff doesn’t curse at me and bar me from entering the restaurant ever again.

This week has had a few “highlights” – I’ll list a few:
1) Pumpkin appears to be teething. Like four teeth at once. Yay. This really SUCKS. Teething = no sleep.
2) Pumpkin also has a runny nose and a cough, which to do the math: Teething + runny nose + cough = less sleep.
3) The Princess has decided that our sofa is a trampoline. I told her not to jump on it, she laughed. I told her to sit down, she said no. I told her to go to her room and she said, “You are SO MEAN! Why are you so MEAN? I never get MY way! You get YOUR way!”
4) Pumpkin thought it would be funny to take a new box of pasta out of the pantry, rip it open, and throw noodles everywhere. (Oh, who am I kidding, it WAS funny – I even recorded it to email to my dad – but… ahem… Not funny. I’m now running really low on pasta).
5) A friend helped Hubby paint the shelves in our closet – which look great now – BUT, now I have to paint the closet to cover the shelf paint that got slopped around. Thanksomuch.
6) I also have a growing to do list for the house again (besides painting) which includes: buying a light fixture that isn’t hideous, selecting a shower door (they don’t come with the shower – who knew?!), and figuring out what kind of closet/storage to put in the master bath. It’s all the nit-picky, end of project details. And I hate that this is happening during tax season. Hubby really should get some of the joy of picking this stuff out. Blah.
7) Carpooling sucks. The mom I carpool with was responsible for picking up The Princess and taking her son and Princess to school this morning. Their van pulls into the driveway and Boy comes to the house to tell me “My mom isn’t driving us! It’s my grandma!” Um, thanks for letting me know, CarpoolMom. Seriously, I know I’m easily annoyed – but moms, wouldn’t that have irked you at all? Some person you don’t know picking your kid up? Obviously, The Princess made it safe and sound – but I really felt she coulda called me first and asked me or had the courtesy to tell me. Nope.

So think of me tomorrow – I’ll be wearing uncomfortable shoes – but I’ll be having fun!

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  1. She definitely should have called you before Grandma showed up. That was very rude!

  2. oooh.. i want a girls’ night out. i agree, she should have called to forwarn you about grandma… or at least mention it if she knew in advance. hope everything’s ok with her.

  3. Oh I wanted to go out this weekend. I’m jealous.

    She absolutely should have told you she wouldn’t be driving that day. I hope you told her to keep you informed next time.

  4. Farm Wife says

    I’m with you on the carpooling thing. How much time do we spend telling our kids not to get in the car with strangers? Ugh!

    “You are SO MEAN! Why are you so MEAN? I never get MY way! You get YOUR way!” Princess & BabyGirl must have gone to the same school of complaints. It’s usually followed by, “It’s no fair. YOU get to make ALL the rules. Why can’t I make a rule? NO FAIR! You can’t be the boss ALL the time!”

  5. Yep, she shoulda told you. I’m just trying to think if we’ve done that to anybody lately. Hub and I pitch in for each other and the kids so much we don’t think a lot about it.


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