Princess Pride

Yesterday was one of those amazing days that my kid made me so darn proud, I’m about to hang a banner out on my front porch that says: “Yes! The Princess DOES Live Here!”

We started our day with a trip to the dentist. I take The Princess to a pediatric dentist who does not allow parents to go back with the child for the exam (In case you were wondering, because my mom went with us, and got skeeved out by that: it’s a female dentist, it’s a very open floor plan – there are no offices – several exam chairs in a row, with kids and hygienists all over the place – no worries!). They called her name, and she proudly marched up to the hygienist, ready for her turn. Once her cleaning was done, they brought her back to me, said her teeth look fantastic, that her brushing habits are terrific – and: No Cavities!


We then spent a few hours at a butterfly exhibit with my mother and Pumpkin (both girls adored it), and then off to lunch and home to enjoy the warmth of a spring day before…

Hubby and I attended our first PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES for The Princess. Having attended them for Stepson for years, I think both Hubby and I have gotten used to conferences not necessarily being an enjoyable experience (in fact, Stepson’s conference on Monday night ran nearly 90 minutes… and was not great). The Princess’s conference, though? Awesome! Teacher really likes her, and shared some highlights of the evaluations they did for The Princess.

What does The Princess like most about school? Reading and writing.
What is hardest about school? Being careful not to step on other people’s hands and feet.

Important stuff! She is doing fabulous on letter recognition, fine motor control, she’s way ahead of her class as far as rhyming, and the teacher said that when they go over each new letter, The Princess likes to teach her classmates how to sign it. Have I mentioned that this kid totally rocks my world? Such mama pride – you coulda knocked me over with a feather.

And, of course – the most important part: She is DEFINITELY ready to move on to kindergarten in the fall!

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  1. YAY for the Princess !!!

    How do you handle having a hubby that has a child that doesn’t do well in school, compared with having a child that is bright ? Is it a touchy subject for hubby ?

    I’m in the same boat.

    I’m over the moon, ecstatic, that our daughter excells in school, while the stepkids are yet again, being referred to Summer school.

    I want to be sensitive to my hubby’s feelings, and be free to express excitement for our child’s abilities. KWIM ?


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