I thought that last year was a fluke, but apparently, the teachers of the world have united and thought it would be fun to continue to tell children that leprechauns are funny little men who leave presents in your backyard on St Patrick’s Day. The Princess reiterated to me that her teacher “really knows leprechauns, mom, because she’s REALLY old.”

To the teachers who are spreading this little myth – a big ol’ raspberry to you! Really? I have to buy St Patrick’s Day gifts. DON’T think so. Last year, we got suckered in by it – and we scrambled to not disappoint. This year? Not happening. I still have a layer of drywall dust over everything in my home – not buying more dustcatchers.

I was telling my sister about this today when she stopped by, and she was in shock. She looked at The Princess and said to her, “Girlfriend, do you REALLY think that happens? Because NO leprechauns EVER left anything for me. Ever. So, I think maybe it only happens if you’re Irish. And… you’re not.”

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  1. Farm Wife says

    Maybe you should make up a bogus holiday where teachers give EVERY SINGLE STUDENT in their class expensive gifts & spread the idea all over the school.

  2. Ugh. Where did the toys in the yard theory come from? I’ve never heard it before.

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