And A Hush Fell Over the House…

My local playgroup (sponsored by the school) has decided to set up “Dad’s Night Out” monthly so that the dads who don’t typically attend daytime playgroup can take the kids out for an hour and join in the fun. So… I signed Hubby up to take both girls and my house is quiet and peaceful (but not clean – because I’ve spent the hour getting some exercise and then sitting on my butt watching funny videos on YouTube, because the computer is a time-suck like that).

With Hubby working major hours as tax season rolls on, the girls have been a bit deprived of time with daddy, so I was pleased he came home early to take them, and they were very excited to go.

They will be home in minutes and I can’t wait to hear how it went (and if the dads are even half as catty as the moms!).

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  1. Farm Wife says

    Hope it went well!

    You need a ticker to count down to April 15th! 🙂

  2. glad you had a night to yourself!
    hey, i’ve forgotten… for some reason i was thinking we live in the same city? i’m i imagining things? because grace and bee will be in town next week, so if you do live near nashville, all of us need to get together. and even if next week isn’t good, then baby bear and i need to meet you in real life.

  3. Sure we can be too-old-for-Myspace friends. Send me your info!

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