Random Thingies Because It’s Wednesday

1. When your toddler pulls all the toilet paper off the roll and tosses it on to the bathroom floor (which you, thank goodness, just scrubbed yesterday), what do you do with it? Because I just picked it up and put it in a basket next to the toilet. I can’t see wasting it!

2. The plus side to burning the crud out of my leg is that even as it’s healing, leg hair doesn’t grow there. Yay.

3. The Princess is currently saving money by doing chores to by a Rescue Pet Wake Up Spaniel alarm clock or some such. Man, is that alarm clock ugly – AND – since when have either of MY kids needed any help waking up in the morning (By the by, I have been up since 5:30 this morning… which was nice – it was just after I got back to sleep after Pumpkin woke up at 3:40. Mind you – Pumpkin was back to sleep within 15 minutes – it just took ME that long to get back to sleep).

4. I hate snow. I hate snow. I hate snow.

5. The high temp forecasted for Monday is about 8 degrees. Yuck.

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  1. I also hate snow…and do the same thing with toilet paper!

  2. I missed the whole leg-burning episode… how did that happen.

    I love snow, as long as I don’t have to be on the road.

    I do the same thing with toilet paper, and I did not just scrub the floor yesterday

  3. Lauren – back in November I spilled some mighty hot cocoa on my leg – and got 2nd degree partial thickness burns on my upper leg. Hurt like crazy – it was VERY VERY stupid, and I was miserable… but now, *finally* a silver lining: no leg hair ; )

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