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Breaks My Heart…

I read in the Obituaries yesterday that the mother of one of The Princess’s friends died last Wednesday. It didn’t say how. She was 23 years old, and somehow, she died. It breaks my heart to think that little girl is without a mommy. The woman wasn’t married, didn’t sound like the daughter’s dad was in the picture. I knew her superficially, we always arrived to pick up our daughters at preschool at the same time. Our daughters used to be in the same preschool class and The Princess adored this little girl.

It just hurts my heart.

Another One Bites the Dust

Hubby is sick.

Never mind that tomorrow is his one day off, my one day to sleep in (fat chance) and our day to just enjoy and spend together as a family.

He’s sick. Sick sick sick.

While I’m being sympathetic and ministering somewhat to his needs, all he really wants right now is to be left alone on the couch with a big bowl – just in case – and that’s fine by me (because I don’t want these cooties).

He had been feeling sort of cruddy off and on today, and apparently more so than I had realized. We were on our way to meet some friends at a restaurant for dinner (we had been looking forward to this for weeks), and he had to pull over to throw up.

Not a good sign.

I asked him, “Do you want me to cancel? I know they won’t mind.”

“Naaaaaah, we’re almost there.”

Sheesh. We got to the restaurant, got situated at a table, and he was sort of looking gray. Our friends could tell instantly that something was “off” about him. He sipped on water, ate some bread – but never ordered a meal, and didn’t say much (which, if you knew him, you’d know was SO not like him – he’s definitely one who likes to take a conversation and run with it). He got up in the middle of the meal, headed to the bathroom, and threw up again. Came back to the table refreshed and actually perkier than he had been previously, but it didn’t take long before he started feeling nasty again.

It certainly wasn’t the most exciting date. He’s on the couch (so he doesn’t wake any of us girls up with his nocturnal puking, I guess), and I am hoping like crazy that I don’t get what he’s got… because if I get sick, who takes care of me!?

I Must Be Cheap

As I was sitting in the lobby of The Princess’s dance studio yesterday, listening to the other moms talk, I decided something: I am cheap. I must be. These moms can easily spend the 55 minutes talking about shopping for their children’s clothes (at least, I’m assuming they talk about it the whole time – it makes me crazy to listen to it – so I leave and go to Starbucks! – and they’re talking about it when I get back – either again, or still). They not only talk about shopping – they talk about particular styles from Gymboree (“You know, the red cherries from three seasons ago? They’re bringing that one back.”), and they are all so well-versed on Gymboree’s style history, someone need only mention “you know, the one with the…” and the other moms nod their heads in understanding.

And I sit there like, “Huh?”

Admittedly, I think the best places to buy kids’ clothes are Target and Old Navy. Kids grow fast, they outgrow clothes fast. I see no point in shelling out beaucoup bucks for toddler fashion on a regular basis. I have spent more money for an outfit for a special event or for pictures – but my girls don’t sport name brand duds every day. And I. Don’t. Care.

For parents that want to dress their kids like that, and that can – more power to ’em. I figure I have a good few years before my kids are asking for clothing by brand – I don’t need to get this started any earlier than I need to.

One mother admitted to be an eBay shopper. I swear the Shopping Mommies looked at her like she had sprouted a third eye. Definitely a tough crowd at that dance class!

That Girls’ Night Out…

Since I neglected to update (Sorry, L!): The food was rotten, the company was great. So nice to be out of my house sans kids, and to get caught up with my mom and sister. Particularly my sister. I talk to my mom frequently, so there was no new news there… But – it was good to be out and I enjoyed myself.

I Have a Good Excuse, Really…

Seems like it’s been days since I’ve posted, and I meant to yesterday, but darn Blogger wouldn’t let me log on. Before that, I was ripping CDs to iTunes for my new iPod shuffle (I know it’s not one of those super-dee-duper Nanos, but I really like my Shuffle – I have 182 songs on it, it’s not full and I never know what’s gonna come on next!). Before that, Pumpkin decided to get some funky stomach bug, which caused her to throw up FOUR times on Monday night – let me clarify – FOUR TIMES between 8:00 and 10:30. Yuck. I changed sheets four times. Pajamas. She had two baths. And then yesterday? With a decreased appetite as her only symptom, life went on as it would normally.


Tonight, I am going out to dinner with my mom and sister, leaving Hubby to figure out what to feed the girls and Stepson (per our menu, it’s “Leftover Night” – ick). I’m looking forward to some downtime…

And for some fun news – ANOTHER friend emailed me today to tell me she’s pregnant! She’s the second in less than 7 days. I’m over the moon for her, as this is her first – she always joked about not having kids ever. She is also the EIGHT person I know who is currently pregnant. What a baby boom! To all those mamas-to-be: Congrats ladies! You are absolutely GLOWING!

Why Being a Creature of Habit is a Good Thing

I am a creature of habit. When I go to a new restaurant and I find something yummy, I tend to order that thing every time I go. I rarely mess with a good thing, which is why yesterday, I decided to take a step out of my very rigid, structured self and order something different at Starbucks.

Never mind that this was my THIRD Starbucks of the week (remember, Hubby was working over the weekend too – with the rule of proportional coffee and hours worked, I feel I was justified). Plus, I had a gift card with a few bucks on it – so my coffee cost 78 cents.

I saw a sign for a beautiful, seasonal drink: cinnamon dulce latte. It looked beautiful. It sounded beautiful. I ordered a tall.

I didn’t like it.

Mind you, I drank it anyway. Because – caffeine is caffeine and despite that I only paid less than a buck out of pocket, I’m not in the habit of dumping out Starbucks. But… ew. I’ll never get that again.

Back to my sugar-free vanilla cap. Forever.

Running On Empty

I’m tuckered out and I know April 15 is still a few months off. Pumpkin has decided waking up at 5 a.m. is a fun fun thing, and Hubby and I have this deal that when he’s got to get up and go to work in the mornings, I will get up with the girls. Usually, that means that Saturday and Sunday are my days to sleep in (you know… until like 6:30 or something wild and crazy like that). Unfortunately, once a month, Hubby has National Guard, and has to get up to work on the weekend as well. This weekend is one of those weekends. And being tax season and all, working Saturdays will soon be the norm. I’m wondering when I get to sleep in, because shoot: I’m tired.

And the sad thing is, it’s now quarter after ten – I should be sleeping. That would be the logical thing to do – especially since I am so tired. Other moms, nod your heads if you agree with me, though: this is the only time of day I can get ANYTHING done! I have GIVEN UP on cleaning my house. I was so proud of myself Friday – I had the downstairs cleaned so that a few parts of my living room and kitchen were actually presentable. Once Pumpkin woke up from her nap and The Princess got home from preschool – it was trashed. So – I don’t clean before 8 p.m. I can’t. If I do, I may end up crying watching my hardwork demolished by my little hurricanes. Curling up with a good book while the kiddos are awake? Are you kidding me?! Getting a good workout with having to worry about the girls getting hurt on the weights? Doesn’t happen.

Once my little monkeys are tucked into bed, it’s like a whole other shift of my day starts. And now? I’m too wound up from working out and picking things up (okay, I did a totally half butt job picking up – they are just going to trash it again tomorrow!), and not ready for shut eye.

(Thank goodness for Starbucks and Coke Zero – the caffeine is the only thing keeping me going some days).

Proud Mama

Because we watch “Signing Time” daily on PBS, The Princess and I are picking up a lot of American Sign Language, and enjoy using it (particularly handy when avoiding talking with food in your mouth). Pumpkin tries to mimic us at times, flapping her hands around – you can tell she’s trying to “sign” but she isn’t actually signing.

In the past few days, though, she has picked up a few signs, and can sign the words for: “milk”, “banana” and “more”. I’m thrilled and The Princess is just to the moon giddy about it. My girls are wicked smart!

Already In Full Swing

(I need a ticker for how much of tax season remains!)

This morning, The Princess and Pumpkin were up at 5:50. Hubby had already left for work. It seems that when he arrived at 7:30 yesterday morning, he was the last one to get there. So, all about appearances, I guess, he left insanely early this morning (I have no idea when he left – too darn early, is my guess!). Here we are at January 4, already knee deep into tax season crud.

Anticipating mornings like today (I had no idea how soon!), I proposed Inkling’s Starbucks solution – that my consumption should increase at roughly the same percentage as his hours (By the way, Inkling – LOVE the way you think!). Since I typically get a grande cappuccino once a week, based on my tax season consumption laws (because by golly, it’s law now!), I should get a grande AND a tall.

But… with Hubby being gone 12+ hours each day, I wouldn’t be surprised if I have some three venti weeks.

Happy New Year

I’m buried in toys, all of us STILL have runny noses, I have to compose a letter to The Princess’s current preschool giving her notice because she’s going to start a new preschool soon, my house is in disarray because of construction, and tax season hours have officially begun (53 hours per week, MINIMUM from now until tax day).


I’ve been swamped. And it feels like I’ve done nothing. I’m busy without DOING anything – how does that make sense?

In other news – the weirdest thing to happen to me so far this year? On January 1, I opened up a new capsule with a new contact lens… and it was empty! It had a bit of saline in it, but no new contact. I called my eye doctor and they told me that, yes, it happens. Craaaaaaaaazy.