I Must Be Cheap

As I was sitting in the lobby of The Princess’s dance studio yesterday, listening to the other moms talk, I decided something: I am cheap. I must be. These moms can easily spend the 55 minutes talking about shopping for their children’s clothes (at least, I’m assuming they talk about it the whole time – it makes me crazy to listen to it – so I leave and go to Starbucks! – and they’re talking about it when I get back – either again, or still). They not only talk about shopping – they talk about particular styles from Gymboree (“You know, the red cherries from three seasons ago? They’re bringing that one back.”), and they are all so well-versed on Gymboree’s style history, someone need only mention “you know, the one with the…” and the other moms nod their heads in understanding.

And I sit there like, “Huh?”

Admittedly, I think the best places to buy kids’ clothes are Target and Old Navy. Kids grow fast, they outgrow clothes fast. I see no point in shelling out beaucoup bucks for toddler fashion on a regular basis. I have spent more money for an outfit for a special event or for pictures – but my girls don’t sport name brand duds every day. And I. Don’t. Care.

For parents that want to dress their kids like that, and that can – more power to ’em. I figure I have a good few years before my kids are asking for clothing by brand – I don’t need to get this started any earlier than I need to.

One mother admitted to be an eBay shopper. I swear the Shopping Mommies looked at her like she had sprouted a third eye. Definitely a tough crowd at that dance class!

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  1. Yikes! Nothing sucks quite like Mommy snobs! My kids wear hand me downs, and somehow they still function just fine! Oh, and how I love Wal-Mart…only because the nearest Target & Old Navy are 1 & 1/2 hours away!

  2. Gymboree is a special treat from Grandma, unless I find an awesome deal on the clearance rack. That rarely happens. We have been so blessed with Monarch and Purple Princess’ hand-me-downs.

    While I wouldn’t mind getting Bear into some kind of class if we can afford to, I do not want to be a
    Mommy snob. I have friends that swear by only the best for everything… strollers, car seats, you name it. We have those handed down, too. It’s either accept what God provides, or find a job that I don’t want to buy things that I really don’t need to keep up an image instead of being home with my babies. No. Thank. You. At a certain point, I have to believe that the mosst expensive and throughly tested thingamajig may be just that, but it’s just not practical for us. Less expensive, and hand-me-downs are fine by me.

    We’ve got your back if the Mommy snobs turn on you.

  3. That’s exactly how I used to feel in the affluent suburb of Birmingham, AL where we lived before me moved back to the midwest. They had to have all the good stuff!! We only get Gymboree if Grannie buys it, even then it usually comes off the clearance rack. We wear alot of hand me downs and Wally World stuff too. Actually there’s a really good chain 2nd hand store called Once Upon A Child that’s got really good stuff for Target prices. It’s really fun to shop there. There may be one in your area, check it out.

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