Another One Bites the Dust

Hubby is sick.

Never mind that tomorrow is his one day off, my one day to sleep in (fat chance) and our day to just enjoy and spend together as a family.

He’s sick. Sick sick sick.

While I’m being sympathetic and ministering somewhat to his needs, all he really wants right now is to be left alone on the couch with a big bowl – just in case – and that’s fine by me (because I don’t want these cooties).

He had been feeling sort of cruddy off and on today, and apparently more so than I had realized. We were on our way to meet some friends at a restaurant for dinner (we had been looking forward to this for weeks), and he had to pull over to throw up.

Not a good sign.

I asked him, “Do you want me to cancel? I know they won’t mind.”

“Naaaaaah, we’re almost there.”

Sheesh. We got to the restaurant, got situated at a table, and he was sort of looking gray. Our friends could tell instantly that something was “off” about him. He sipped on water, ate some bread – but never ordered a meal, and didn’t say much (which, if you knew him, you’d know was SO not like him – he’s definitely one who likes to take a conversation and run with it). He got up in the middle of the meal, headed to the bathroom, and threw up again. Came back to the table refreshed and actually perkier than he had been previously, but it didn’t take long before he started feeling nasty again.

It certainly wasn’t the most exciting date. He’s on the couch (so he doesn’t wake any of us girls up with his nocturnal puking, I guess), and I am hoping like crazy that I don’t get what he’s got… because if I get sick, who takes care of me!?

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  1. Here’s hoping everyone else stays cootie free! And he recovers soon so you don’t have to take care of him too long! 🙂

  2. I’m so sorry! Praying you don’t get sick, too!

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