And They’re Off!

Big time milestones for my twirly-girlies, as they keep growing up and expanding their horizons – physically for one kiddo, academically for the other.

Pumpkin is DEFINITELY mobile. She can now stand up from a sitting position without having to grab onto anything or pull herself up. She plants her hands on the floor and up she goes. She’s definitely walking a great deal more, having gathered her confidence and built those skills. She walks so fast! It’s still somewhat of a novelty for her, though – you can tell because she likes to do laps around the first floor, circling the living room to the dining room, into the kitchen, down the hall and back to the living room. Repeatedly. She laughs quite a bit while she’s doing it. I think she’s proud of herself.

The Princess is becoming a writing fool! Though she’s been writing her name for quite some time, she can now write a with the first letter upper case, and the rest lower case (versus all upper case). Last night, while she was procrastinating going to bed, she wrote the whole alphabet! Hubby and I were surprised to say the least – we knew she knew the alphabet, but to write it all in order – well, gosh! We ooh’ed and aah’ed, then said, “Okay smarty-pants, NOW it’s bedtime!” Her preschool teacher adores her, and the director of the preschool told me this morning that they will soon be working on sight words: My kid could be “reading” soon!

Ah, the joys of being a proud mommy. I have never been one to mourn the stages my daughters leave behind as they get older. Maybe it’s because I find each new stage to be even more amazing and enjoyable as the one before. My little girls are growing up!

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    Love reading about Princess and Pumpkin latest exploits. I don’t blame you a bit for being proud. Writing the alphabet is a big accomplishment!

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