Picture Perfect?

This past weekend, I decided to quit procrastinating and book an appointment for Pumpkin’s one year pictures. I called a well-known “portrait studio” in our mall, booked a 10:45 appointment (which I thought to be an ideal time: post-nap, pre-lunch), and arranged for my mom to join me to help make silly faces at Pumpkin while I kept her falling off the little table.

I should have known it would not be a smooth experience. In fact, at the end of it all, I was seriously ready to injure the other mommies, so you know it was a bad time.

Because I’m chronically punctual (or “terminally early” – you take your pick), we arrived about ten minutes before our appointment time. I checked in, filled out the registration, got Pumpkin changed into her outfit, then waited. And waited. And waited.

It was clear pretty early on that the time was meaningless to the staff of the portrait studio. There were moms EVERYWHERE and of course, children everywhere. The kids were whining, fussing, and if they had a sibling, they were fighting. While I’m always thrilled when it’s someone else’s child acting out, and not my own, I was still getting annoyed. Moms were showing up to pick up photos without their information (because the portrait studio is completely incapable of finding your photos if you have not remembered your sitting number). In fact, they spent twenty minutes trying to locate one mom’s pics (and I’m not exaggerating – it was ridiculous).

By the time they had called our name, about forty-five minutes after our scheduled appointment time, my patience was gone, and I was not a happy camper. Lunch time was near, and I was really fearful that Pumpkin’s mood would not hold. Hubby showed up while we waited with lunch for us (whatta guy, eh?), so we were able to give Pumpkin pieces of sandwich bread to hold her over.

Fortunately, Pumpkin was a champ – she worked that camera like nobody’s business. Of course, it helped that I have mastered the ultimate method to making my girl laugh: the fake sneeze. The photographer even said I should come in and “sneeze” at all the kids coming to get their pictures done. Yes, it worked that well.

We finished taking pictures, and then we went back out to the waiting room, to wait EVEN MORE. I fed Pumpkin some applesauce and some of my sandwich while we continued to wait. By the time I had selected my photos and was at the cashier waiting to pay, well, I don’t mind saying, I was seething. Just a wee bit. I was mad.

Those that know me know that I tend not to be confrontational, and I tend not to make a big fuss over stuff. Yes, I’m a doormat. But after spending over an hour in Picture Hell, I was pretty convinced I was going to walk out of that place with SOMETHING to show for the inconvenience they imposed on me. And by golly, I asked for The Manager.

The Manager was dismissive and basically foisted me off on a coworker, who in turn gave me a coupon for free pictures. Three sheets free. So – maybe it wasn’t the heartfelt apology I’d hoped for, but free stuff is good.

(Note: Pumpkin’s pictures were ADORABLE – and I can’t wait until we get them back – it was hard to choose just a few poses. You can’t tell by looking at them that she is in the midst of a massive teething spree).

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