Won’t You Take Me To Funkytown?

Okay, I’m still in a funk, but wanted to update people and let them know I’m still here, and I’m doing okay. Sure, I’m stressed to the max, and yes, there is more drama in my life than I would care for, but – I’m here.

After my last vague posting, I received nice comments as well as several kind emails that reminded me how truly blessed I am to have caring friends and caring folks who don’t even know me sending kind thoughts, prayers and well wishes my way. To be honest, that has made the past week so much easier, knowing that I have literal and figurative shoulders to cry on. With support and friendships like this, how bad could things truly be – am I right?

Having said that, we’re still struggling. While I still don’t feel entirely up to broadcasting our struggles, I’ll say that the next weeks and months to come in our life will be challenging to say the least. Any continued prayers and thoughts would be welcome.

(On the bright side, my Hubby knows things are hard for me, so he brought me flowers last night, and I was able to get out and get to Starbucks for a lovely cappuccino this a.m. – so I’m getting to have some positive things to report again… Oh, and my little Pumpkin? She’s going to be one in less than a week!!)

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