Oh, Go Away Already!

Despite having told us several months ago that they were considering moving out of state, my in-laws are still here. Still in Michigan, and we haven’t heard any more of their plans to sell everything they own and move out west (if you live in Nevada or Arizona, watch out – they claim to be coming YOUR way!). I am beginning to think it was a cruel joke they were playing to get us excited – and soon they are going to say to us, “Ha ha, you believed that? What a buncha chumps you guys are!”

Yeah, so they’re still here.

Never mind that about a month or so ago, they insisted that they had to start getting rid of stuff, and insisted that Hubby needed to come over to go through their record collection to see if there was anything he wanted. WE DON’T EVEN HAVE A RECORD PLAYER. But, we now have “Like a Virgin”. On vinyl. Whoopee. (Why Hubby picked this, I have no idea – we also have some “Polka Party” record that he swears he picked up for my family — yes, they’re Polish – but… I think the record is still sitting in our basement).

So, they haven’t left yet.

And they called last night.

Of course, they weren’t calling to ask for Hubby’s help loading the UHaul. No. They wanted him to help them shingle their roof two weeks from now. Um… what?! Hubby was pretty up front that he had never shingled before, but they don’t much seem to care. Hubby can do a lot of things – he can add huge sums in his head, he knows random tax facts – all those great accountant-y things. Shingle a roof, though? You’ve gotta be kidding me. Maybe it’s just my anti-DIY side coming out, but… that’s your roof! You don’t just let any schmoe work on your roof. Seems like you would want it done professionally, seeing as how it snows several months a year here. What do I know, right?

Being a good son, though, he agreed to help out, so two weeks from now, he’ll be perched on a roof with his parents and his brother (who we haven’t spoken more than ten words to in the six years since he told us he wasn’t coming to our wedding), and several of his brother’s friends. I can’t imagine this is going to go well. Even if Hubby manages to not fall (or get pushed) off the roof, it’s gonna be an “interesting” time up on the roof.

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