Happy Father’s Day from The Princess

From the fill-in-the-blank card The Princess made for Hubby at preschool (her responses are in bold font)…

My Daddy is the most wonderful daddy in the world!

He is as handsome as a cow.
He is as strong as a super hero.
He can lift 7 pounds and is 7 feet tall.
His favorite food is salads.
His favorite activity is running with Mark.
In the good ole days when Daddy was little, he used to get into trouble.
I think my Daddy looks funny when he wears his yellow bunny shirt.
But I know he is really mad wehn he has an angry face.
I wish my Daddy would ride bikes with me everyday.
I would not trade my Daddy for Anything!
Happy Father’s Day!

Love, The Princess

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  1. I love this. Father’s Day may be over but I still want to do it with the gkids to see what they say.

    I’m glad Pumpkin is feeling better, and Happy Anniversary…I’m a little behind.

  2. That is adorable. I love her imagination, and her perspective is simply delightful. You’ve got to keep that one in her scrapbook.

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