Where is the Time Going?

The past few weeks feel like they have been insanely busy! Getting things done for M’s wedding (this weekend already! WOW!) and assorted weird household stuff means that I have this insane week. The crazy/stupid part of it all is that the things I have going on for pre-wedding are not necessarily anything helpful to the bride (sorry, M!), but things like…. oh, getting a pedicure. And, Emily – I’m re-visiting the Mystic Tan (I didn’t post about my first experience but: You. Were. So. Right. It scared the be-jeebers out of me when that first spray hit – and all I could think of was, “Ohhhh, I’m sooooooo screwed if there is a tear gas emergency!”). Another fun note about Mystic Tan… It didn’t turn me orange (whoo hoo!). But for a few days, there is a smell that lingers. I can’t describe it, but I didn’t like that part.

Tomorrow, I’ll pick up my bridesmaid dress from fitting (now that I’ve weaned Pumpkin entirely, they REALLY had to alter that top down, since now most fourth graders have more of a bust than me!).

So the good news is, I have a few nights this week where yes, I’ll be out and about running around, but I’ll be by myself. I’m actually kind of looking forward to having an hour or two to myself each night. Gives Hubby a chance to spend some quality time with the kids and it gives me a (much needed) opportunity to recharge my batteries. I’m so looking forward to my pedicure – am I rude if I bring a book and ignore the person giving the pedicure? I always feel obligated to chat – I’m using a gift certificate to a nice salon I’ve been to several times before, and it’s not that I don’t like the people who work there, but an hour of uninterrupted reading time? How often does that happen? (Not much).

In other news, my attempts to prepare a dinner free of added sugars and other crud were a bust last night. Found a pasta sauce recipe from The Naked Chef in one of my family magazines (yeah – “Naked Chef” and “Family magazines” – seems like it isn’t the best fit… but he’s not really naked – the food is). Reduce several ounces of balsamic vinegar in a sauce pan, add some plum tomatoes, simmer and mix in basil… then cool and puree. The Princess met Hubby at the door last night and said, “Uh, daddy, there’s something really wrong with dinner!” I thought it was great, as did Hubby. I guess The Princess missed her high fructose corn syrup from our canned sauce.

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  1. The smell stuck around for me too. At least, I was sure I could smell it. My husband said after a shower that it was gone.

    Oh, and take your book. It’s not rude at all. Enjoy your time!

  2. Wow, you and Emily have me contemplating mystic tan. I’m paler than Nicole Kidman though, so I have my doubts about it looking at all natural.

    As for the bridesmaid dress fitting, I’m with you! We attached the lace onto my dress and while the bodice fits perfectly, the weight of the lace makes it fall off of me. The woman helping my mom with it said I didn’t have “enough of a shelf”. I don’t think I have a shelf at all. Now we’re looking into creative options….using elastic, hiring a 4th grader to stand in as proxy bride, etc.

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