The Wedding…

Top Wedding Moments:
1. The bride looked gorgeous! I hadn’t seen her dress pre-wedding and it was exactly what I could have pictured – very elegant, classic strapless gown with some beaded detail on the bodice. I was glad to stand up there with her (thank you for including me, M! I hope you are having an awesome honeymoon!).

2. Bridesmaids playing air guitar on their sashes. These dresses were pretty long, with a long sash that hung down the back and trailed behind us on the floor. Towards the end of the day, mine was doubled around my waist and tied again kimono-style, but other ‘maids used theirs to play some “guitar” like AC/DC during “You Shook Me All Night Long”!

3. The Princess (little blondie up there in the picture – I’m on the far right, by the way) was a great flower girl, and she done me so proud. It was a long day for her – but I got tons of proud mama photos of my little lady during the day. Between the wedding and reception, she zonked out in her booster seat in the car within five minutes of being buckled in. At the end of the night, she cried before leaving because she “hadn’t danced enough yet”.

4. The DJ rocked – instead of an Enya/Kenny G dinner hour, he played classic pop tunes, such as “American Pie” (one of my all-time favorite songs, by the way), “DayDream Believer”, and other such tunes. Once the dancing started, he kept things moving and kept the dance floor pretty packed with a great mixture of music genres – old school and new.

5. Cheesecake. For the cheesecake alone, I would have worn my dreadful shoes for a few more (painful) hours. I picked out the shoes, and would have kicked myself for picking out such dreadful shoes – except my feet hurt too freaking bad.

6. The moment I took off said dreadful shoes and put on my lovely flip-flops. Happy feet.

7. It’s funny, I’ve been friends with M for 16 years now and she has several groups of friends from different parts of her life – and until now, we had co-mingled somewhat – but through this all, I’ve gotten to bond with them, and I think I’m really gonna miss them. Between planning emails and exchanging photos, we’ve gotten somewhat close (and one of the gals even got me blogging!), and so I hope that continues.

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