To My Princess on Your Fourth Birthday

Dear Princess,

Today you are four. In fact, your official “birthday” is in twenty minutes – as we were blessed with your first cries at 9:03 p.m. on May 28.

Being your mom is the most amazing thing that has happened to my world. I can’t even begin to tell you all the wonderful things you have brought to my life and I can’t help but think if I have brought even a fraction of that to your world than we’ll all be just fine. You are the most loving and joyful kid – you have a tendency towards the dramatic at times (I can’t imagine where you get that from!), but you amaze me daily with the way you teeter between being a kid and being “grown”.

When you were an infant, I wouldn’t let people talk to you in baby talk – and that is partly why, I think, you have this massive vocabulary. It’s funny to me to see the shocked looks on people’s faces when you make comments like, “You startled me! That means you scared me” Or “That confuses me – I don’t understand that.” You are such a sponge that in addition to picking up the vocabulary, you pick up the nuances and facial expressions of our family members – and it’s funny when I see one of my little quirks (and I have many) played out on your cute face!

This week, when I taught you the phrase “heebie jeebies”, you made me laugh so hard when you finally “got it” and you said that dinosaurs gave YOU the heebie jeebies. When I told you dinosaurs were extinct and not on the planet anymore, you got this relieved expression on your face and then said, “Yay! I’m SO EXCITED! No more dinosaurs!” You are so precious!!!

You are the best big sister, too. I know that it gets frustrating at times (and you tell me, “I’m just frustrated…”) because Pumpkin is getting bigger and she gets into your stuff, but you generally show her so much patience and kindness. One of these days, it’ll be a bit easier, and we won’t have to put up all the Barbie shoes so she won’t stick them in her mouth. One of these days, she’ll be a big kid like you. I love how when we pick you up from school, you are anxious to show her off to your friends – you give her hugs and kisses and you want to show how she can do high-fives.

It amazes me that you write your name perfectly now. How you ask me how to spell something and then you write it on your own. You’re FOUR! And you’re WRITING! You like to make up songs on the fly, and you like stories that rhyme and you love music. Right now, you are hooked on Radio Disney. You like to parrot commercials back to me (asking me if I prefer Juicy Juice or 100% grape juice instead or telling me that Rice Krispies is part of a “nutritious breakfast”). You are a marketer’s dream, little lady.

You make me want to do mom things. Before you were born, I never thought I’d be some minivan driving mom who tried to organize birthday party activities and games and all that, but it’s amazing how even though I make you ice cream cakes where the middle runs out like gross mush (sorry about that, by the way), you make me want to try. And it was worth it to make a gloppy cake to get to spend that time in the kitchen with you, mixing the batter with you, and making the ice cream pink (what fun!) with food coloring, and frosting the cake together. Hey, it mighta been a mess, but we had fun, didn’t we? (And licking the bowl – mmmm). Making you happy makes me happy.

You know I love you with my whole heart. I’m so very lucky to be your mom.


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