Recovery Mode On Mother’s Day

After a full day at M’s wedding yesterday (beautiful wedding, by the way – more about that tomorrow, probably), I woke up this morning at a blissful hour… 7 a.m. Now, pre-kids, this might not have seemed blissful, but seeing as how I went to sleep at midnight post-wedding, a 7 a.m. wakeup call means that I got pretty darn close to 8 hours of sleep. Lucky mama.

Today the mission was to chill out. And that we did. I did go for a walk this morning – I needed some alone time to decompress from being so busy and to work off some of my wedding gluttony (because face it, my goal yesterday was to bloat so my strapless dress would be tighter and stay on, so I was snacking on salt and cookies pre-wedding, then I happily dug into wedding cheese cake – which, by the way, is a fantastic idea – if you ever invite me to a wedding, serve cheese cake – it makes me blissfully happy).

I got an awesome card that The Princess made, along with some homemade bubble bath (courtesy of the preschool – I’m scared to use it because it looks somewhat scary). Hubby got me a sappy, gooey sweet mom’s day card, as well.

We decided to do our recycling (yay Mother Earth!) and we headed out for dinner. Of course, a dinner out with two young kids isn’t an elaborate, fancy affair. We went to our local Friday’s (again, my goal was to get something healthy – and as a tip, their new Shanghai Salad has this awesome cilantro lime dressing that is so tasty that sometimes I order extra so I can take it home with me!). At the restaurant, we got seated in this noisy section – four VERY loud women with about three LOUDER children. It was horrible -two of the women were doing the “cell yell” on their phones, and the other two were talking louder to talk over them. It was so loud, we couldn’t even carry on a conversation at our table, and our waiter couldn’t hear us and vice versa.

Our two kids were better behaved than the “grown adults”. Isn’t that special?

So, my healthy dinner plans vanished, because to compensate for seating us in the “Super Freaking Loud” section of the restaurant, they sent us on our merry way with a Brownie Obsession to-go. Free. Yay. Our suffering was not for naught, apparently. But, now the bloat goes on. Happy Mother’s Day to me.

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