Moms & Daughters…

I have been so thrilled since the day I received my amnio results in December 2001 that I would be having a daughter. Likewise, when the ultrasound confirmed last spring that, yup, I’d be having another “little Princess”. I love the whole mom thing – I love the moms & daughter thing. I love painting my daughter’s nails and brushing her hair and not having to try to figure out how to make Transformers work.

But there apparently downsides as well.

Paying for proms, weddings and shoes (Hubby always harps on the number of shoes we’ll have to have in our house – and I hate to break it to him that really, I’m not that bad compared to most women I know – I don’t really have that many pair of shoes!). Watching my girls date – and probably more than once dating some bozo who isn’t worth the time she’s going to spend getting ready for the date! Hubby, of course, still harbors hopes that our girls might be so grounded in academia that they don’t give a thought to dating. Um… wishful thinking, dad. And “the talk”. Oh man. I dread that.

I have a few more years until I have to have “the talk” with The Princess and Pumpkin (and I hope that I have MORE than a few, to be honest). I was watching the Today show this morning, thinking, “There’s a big downside.” I’m likely going to be the one having these chats with the girls about birds and bees, and Hubby will be out playing 18-holes of golf while I’m sweating through the Q&A session!

I’m queasy just thinkin’ about it.

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