Mama Knows Best (Or At Least, I Think I Do)

It’s amazing to get to stay home with my girls every day – when The Princess was a baby, I didn’t have the opportunity to be as involved in her life as I am now. I feel a renewed sense of motherhood (cheesy, I know) with The Princess, and I feel like I have been able to bond with Pumpkin. Expectedly, of course, I am now in the role where I know their routines better than anyone, and perhaps, also expectedly, I am somewhat territorial about said routines, and am getting pretty obnoxious about it!

Case in point – Hubby and I have always said with The Princess that we can’t “miss the window”. This refers to that space in time where a child is tired, and ready to be put down for a nap or bedtime. That icky thing about children being tired is if they get too tired, it’s like they get a second wind and are up and ready for action for a looooooong time, and it’s near impossible to get that child down to sleep. You always have to be careful not to miss that small window of opportunity between “drowsy and ready for naps” and “so tired but slap happy and refreshed”. I am getting better at seeing the signs with both girls. So, what happens yesterday? I had to take Princess to gymnastics and since the class occurs right around Pumpkin’s morning nap, I asked Hubby if he would put her down for a nap. He had things to do so I said, “Take the baby monitor out to the garage with you and get your stuff done – you’ll hear her when she wakes up.”

What does he actually do? He decided to POSTPONE THE NAP. By about two hours. He took her out and about, ran some errands, and she never fell asleep until they got home. It threw the afternoon nap off kilter, and now, the day after, I hear her babbling in her crib – not quite sleeping. Here’s hoping we get our habit back. Of course, to him, it’s no big deal. To me, it’s like an almost insult, because ultimately, I’ll be trying to get our schedules back on track for the next few days.

I’m even territorial about the way the dishwasher is loaded (c’mon, I can’t be the only one!). This is one battle I’ve kept my mouth shut about – because I’ve learned that if I say anything, anything at all, no one will help me load the dishwasher. BUT – my way? I think I probably get a good 20 – 30% more dirty dishes in the dishwasher the way I load it. How pathetic is it that I have a preference to how the dishwasher is loaded? Disturbing, yes?

Or how come I can remember when bathnights are? When it’s time for bottles? What types of clothes are appropriate for the weather? As I type this, I’m holding my tongue because Hubby has let The Princess go outside in capri pants and a tshirt and a flimsy sweater (and it’s COLD out there!) – but I hesitate to contradict daddy…

I think it’s hard for a primary caregiver (be it mom or dad) to relinquish control to the other parent at times, so I’ve really had to make an effort to keep my lip zipped. It’s more important to me (despite my grumping) to have Hubby be involved than it is for me to have it my way all the time. Makes me wonder if this is biological or just habitual?

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  1. ~giggle~

  2. Why do they do that? They postpone the naps, throw the entire day off schedule. And when you ask, they’re all “what’s the big deal? it’s just a nap.” But it isn’t just today’s nap. It’s tonight when they don’t sleep well b/c they’re not quite tired enough, OR TOO TIRED. And it’s tomorrow, when they’re little maniacs b/c yesterday was messed up. And it’s even the NEXT day when they think it’s ok not to nap b/c they didn’t have to nap the other day.

    Obviously, I understand your point. Also…there is definately a right way to load the dishwasher. Not that there’s anything wrong with the way he does it, I’m (and it seems you) are just more efficient. Better dishwasher organizers.

  3. I hear you….I’m not even a mom yet, and your comments totally sounded like the way I feel. The dishwasher thing….you aren’t alone. I’m soooo there with you.

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