In Lighter News…

Less than four weeks remain until The Princess’s fourth birthday (unicorn cake topper was ordered yesterday!), and while at lunch on Monday, she wrote her name on her paper placemat at the restaurant, darn near perfectly.


We are definitely in birthday mode – she tells everyone, “I’m almost 4!” Hubby asked the other day if we should get her a dog for her birthday (I don’t know who wants one more, The Princess or her daddy) – but I told him to hold off – that we could go look at the animal shelter and if we found one that might fit our family’s lifestyle and what we’re looking for, okay, but I wasn’t ready to make a full-fledged search for an animal right now (Obviously, we can’t take The Princess on a doggy hunt- she’ll fall in love with them all). Much as I’d love a puppy, I know that I can’t handle house training a dog right now – I’ve never done it, and I have my hands full right now.

My grandmother already picked up the Dora House for The Princess, so now we need to furnish it. Amazing how toy companies can gouge you – parents, grandparents and great-grandparents happily open that wallet for goofy stuff like this.

Almost daily, The Princess changes her mind as to what kind of cake she wants – she goes back and forth between chocolate fudge and strawberry – then once in awhile says she wants a vanilla cake with vanilla ice cream. I guess I’ll be holding out until the LAST possible minute before even thinking about the cake!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Wow, I can’t believe she’s turning 4 already. Are you making her cake ?

    Have fun being in birthday mode !The unicorn topper sounds adorable.


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